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Pocketbook Issues .

HEALTH CARE: Republicans refuse to tackle the rising cost of health care and expand Medicaid, which would help 600,000 people access health care and create thousands of jobs. In this time of crisis, this lack of funding has the potential to cripple our healthcare system and continues to put the health and lives of our frontline workers at risk. We can not allow our rural communities to lose access to local and affordable care.

THE ECONOMY: The economy is only working for some – wealthy special interest and those at the top. The GOP legislature supported tax plans that have rigged our economy against the middle class. Now, GOP crafted legislation is hurting families through harmful unemployment requirements and a broken, underfunded unemployment system that is barely functioning. It was the Republican Legislature that put corporate tax cuts before our small business owners, public schools, and teachers. Their failure to pass a budget will stifle recovery for years.

PUBLIC EDUCATION: Republicans continue to put corporate tax cuts before investments in our public schools. Tens of thousands of teachers have had their tenure and longevity pay stolen by this Legislature. They have failed to support our teachers by supporting a budget that underfunds our public education, devalues our teachers, and fails in supporting small businesses.

Reform EDUCATION Policy.

State issues.

Government of the people, for the people, by the people.

Socially responsible, yet competitive health care.